Cali Vibe Photo Booth

Cali Vibe Photo Booth

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Your contemporary keepsake, shared instantly. There are so many memorable moments we have during our lifetime that can be relived through photos taken with our loved ones. The Cali Vibe photo booth is a fun and fresh way of capturing these special memories!

The business is themed after the beauty of California. From the tall and gorgeous palm trees to the luminous and colorful sunset. The branding reflects this beauty, fun, and color. The use of the Cursive and Sans Serif fonts combined with the gradients of color reflects the California feeling as well as the party aesthetic of the photo booth. The overall brand is playful, while being luxurious, passionate, and bold.

“We’re two Latina women who were born and raised in LA. Being best friends, we always love to create fun and memorable moments with each other. However, we noticed that when attending parties or events together, we’d have to either take selfies or bother someone to take a picture of us. This might seem easy, but it’s all about that angle right? It’s just as hard to train someone else to capture your “good side”, than it is to set up a self-timer on your phone and hope you don’t blink! Well we thought, there has to be an easier way to make this work, that’s when Cali Vibe Photo Booth was born!” – Ashley & Yessie 

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