KEAK Author

KEAK Author

Logo Design & Branding

Katherine, of KEAKAuthor, LLC, is a writer with a passion for her craft. She has published several short stories and books, but she’s not stopping there. Katherine’s goal is to create literary writings that inspire and entertain—and it shows in her work. Her values are loyalty, love, creativity and passion—and they shine through in her writing as well as her day-to-day business practices.

Katherine began working with Marisa Lucy Design before my maternity leave and was patient and kind while I worked through my last month of pregnancy. When I came back to work after having my baby boy, she was so excited about the new brand we had created for her! She also discussed her love of being a boy mom and shared many stories of her wonderful sons!

“Thank you so much for everything. I absolutely love my logo. Everything is perfect. I have added my new logo to my website and it looks awesome!!! It has been a pleasure working with you. You are very gifted.” – Katherine

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