Lavender Hills

Lavender Hills
Logo Design & Branding

Introducing Lavender Hills. Lavender Hills is a dementia care program from the senior living facility, English Meadows in Virginia. The program is warm, inviting, friendly and focuses on instilling confidence in families looking to transition their loved ones to their communities.

The Lavender Hills logo & branding was strategically and creatively designed to convey a trustworthy, effective, serene, pleasant, and joyful atmosphere. The watercolor style of the logo creates a peaceful and harmonious feeling. The script font is welcoming and inviting while the serif font is trustworthy and professional. Lavender Hills is there to provide a helping hand to families that have loved ones with dementia.

This brand design was through Rachael Wonderlin’s Dementia By Day consulting & education business. She worked with me to ensure the best possible brand for this impactful program. Rachael says ” While working as a Dementia Care Director I realized that the approach to dementia communication we’ve been taught was not only ineffective and outdated, but at times downright cruel to people living with dementia. I realized that we need to find a way to embrace their reality, and if we do this, we can thrive in that gray area.” Rachael brings this strategy to every client she works with. As a designer, it’s so empowering to work with entrepreneurs who use their knowledge and education to help those in need and to help people succeed.

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