Super Woman Detox Academy

Super Woman Detox Academy
Logo Design & Branding

Introducing Superwoman Detox Academy, a digital course led by the inspiring and empowering author, leader, and speaker, Angela Hosking. In this course women learn ‘The Five Simple Shifts to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed, Overscheduled and Overdone’.

The brand was designed to portray a feminine, welcoming, positive, and empowering emotion. A representation of sisterhood, girlfriends, and mentors. Women helping women succeed. Angela built this course on a foundation of integrity, caring, and growth. She says “I stand on the shoulders of the women that came before me and reach down to lift those that come after.”

The primary logo represents a strong and empowered woman pulling back her pink blazer to reveal her SDA (Superwoman Detox Academy) logo. She is surrounded by a gorgeous gold ring with floral elements combining a representation of femininity and success. The logo also combines a sans serif “Superwoman” font in all caps to invoke that empowerment feeling with a lowercase cursive font for “detox academy” that creates a warm and inviting look. The pink, white & gold are found throughout the entire brand to keep a consistent feminine aesthetic that targets hard working women, professionals, perfectionists, people-pleasers, and women excited to work on their self-development.

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