Wild Edge Wellness

Wild Edge Wellness
Logo Design & Branding

Introducing Wild Edge Wellness! Their mission is to help cultivate wellness and ease for busy go-getters with the use of herbs and focused action. This is done through a balance of tradition, lived experience, and scientific research to provide the best service to her clients. ✨

The Wild Edge Wellness logo represents the balance between herbal traditions and science-based research. Using the combination of straight lines, geometric shapes, and rounded accents portray the combination of holistic and research approach. The hexagon badge represents the research-based scientific background, while the mountains and nature represent wellness and herbs.

The overall brand combines the idea of traditional and modern. The colors and typography reflect an earthiness and warm style that is welcoming, grounding, and professional.

Sometimes our bodies need a little assistance to return to balance and allow wellness to root. As an herbalist, Wild Edge Wellness facilitates a collaborative relationship between you and the plants. They are currently offering HIPAA compliant, secure Herbal Consultations where you are able to discuss body systems, energetics, and your wellness goals and concerns.

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