How To Hire The Right Brand Designer For Your Business?

How To Hire The Right Brand Designer For Your Business?

Hiring A Brand Designer? Check out these tips to hire the right designer for you.

Having a professional brand strategy is one of the most important aspects of your business. Your brand is the heart & soul of your company. Your brand designer should help you visually communicate your core values, mission, target audience, and your passion through purposeful & professional design.

Your brand colors & typography are just the beginning! From the logo creation to complimenting marketing materials, social media graphics & website design, every aspect of your brand needs to fit your aesthetic in order for you to best serve your customers.


Here are some tips to hire the right brand designer for you:

1. Review Portfolio & Website – Make sure your designer’s style aligns with your business aesthetic. You should see their proven success and experience in the industry displayed throughout their website.

2. Technical Skills & Knowledge– A major part of your brand is your logo & supporting designs. These should be vector designs. (From a tiny website icon to building signs & large graphics, your logo needs to be highly scalable.)

3. Positive Testimonials – See what others have to say about the designer & their work.

4. Connect – Choose someone who you feel a connection with or understands your specific industry. It’s important to feel like they “get” you!

5. Asks The Right Questions – They should choose to learn about your company and ask the proper questions to ensure they understand your message.

6. A Seamless Design Process – From the initial inquiry, the process should be easy to follow with great customer service.


Developing your brand is an exciting and fun process. I focus on research & development of initially understanding who you serve and how you help so we can bring to life a professional design. I am passionate about creating a brand that makes you smile.